Hoarding Cleanup Service

Hoarding cleanup is a complicated task. It effects the hoarder, their family, and sometimes even the surrounding community.  We are experienced in making the process of returning the home to a normal livable space as easy as possible for our clients.

Of all the services we provide, hoarding situations require the utmost sensitivity and compassion.  Junk Done Right is a locally owned company, not a franchise, and our experienced team makes a significant difference with this type of work.

We offer Full-service hoarder clean up including bagging and sorting as needed.  All labor and disposal charges are included in our pricing and we leave behind a clean, broom swept space. 

Call us, message us, or schedule an appointment to discuss a plan. 

We care about the environment. Every truck load we fill is sorted. All items accepted by local charities are donated, all possible recyclable material is separated, and what remains is disposed efficiently.  Our goal is to contribute as little as possible to landfills.  

We are proud of our professional, low turnover staff – a major advantage we have over the competing franchises.  When you hire Junk Done Right you will feel comfortable with the team you allow in the home.

We can easily provide COI (Certificate of Insurance) and/or Workmans’ Comp Certificates which is a common requirement for New York City buildings.

Our service area encompasses all of New York City and Long Island, NY. 

New York is a unique area and we thrive on providing high-end, personal, local service with competitive pricing.  No franchise compares.

We are the top local experts to contact in New York City and Long Island!  Call us for a free estimate or use our online booking tool.

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