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You have junk to dispose of or recycle.  We can help!  Give us a call or book an appointment online.

Free On-site Estimate

Our team will arrive and provide a free, no obligation quote.  Unlike many other companies, you’ll know the guaranteed total price before we start any work.

We Remove the Items

Sit back and relax! We handle all labor and disposal and you are left with a clutter free, broom swept space!

Book Appointment

Junk Done Right makes it easy to book an appointment for Junk Removal service.  Call us to discuss or book your free estimate online.  We are also very responsive via text and usually available through Live Chat!  When you contact us you will deal directly with knowledgeable professionals, not a franchise call center. 

Free On-site Estimate

Our team will arrive and provide a free, no obligation quote.  If agreeable we can remove the items on that same visit.  We can of course discuss pricing expectations on the phone ahead of time but to be as competitive as possible we really do need to see the job in person.  We take every possible variable into consideration in order to keep cost down and in New York there are many variables! 

Franchise call centers will set appointments based on “full load” or “half load” pricing without really listening to what you need done and just hope it works out in person.  We refuse to set appointments by setting false expectations but we promise if given the opportunity to make your junk removal as economical and easy as possible!

We Remove and Dispose the items

This is the easy part!  You will be left with a broom swept clutter-free space and we will dispose and donate your items in the most environmentally responsible way available.  We take care of all labor and disposal charges.  Our motto is “Junk Removal Made Easy.”

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